What does Irish Summer Camp look for in you?


Here are the key points of our job in order of importance:


1. We are going to work with boys and girls between 6 and 13 years of age therefore the most important thing is to make sure that they are safe. We will have to constantly be on our guard to prevent possible accidents.

2. Among the younger children it is necessary to make sure they complete their daily hygiene and health routines. Check if they have allergies and if so that they take their medication, that they clean themselves, that they shower, brush their teeth, are correctly dressed and that they are well mannered at mealtimes. We would like our little charges to be found presentable at all times.

3. We have to make sure that each child who attends the camp feels well at all times, each one within their own personality. For those who are shy we will encourage them to make friends and participate. For those who are more self-assured we will try and calm them down. For those who speak little we will help them speak more and for those who talk a lot we will try to make them talk less.

4. It is important to maintain discipline at all times. We have to establish this at the beginning this way it will be a little bit easier as the children will still be a little disorientated in the first few days. They should never lack respect for ourselves or each other. If we allow it just once we will lose control. So we will act with intelligence and humour and if necessary resort to the temporary exclusion of a child while we carry out the activity.

5. Our frame of mind. If we have a bad day, if we're not feeling well or simply not motivated it is preferable to let the Management of the Camp know so we can temporarily relieve you. We cannot take it out on the children.

6. Every day will be intense, we should be prepared. But do not worry we will also have time to ourselves.

7. We have come to enjoy ourselves, both monitors and children, and this will be the key principal of the camp and the reason for its success. If the children are happy to have made new friends, if they enjoy the activities, if they love the monitors … and if the monitors maintain this until the end, the Irish Summer Camp will be a great success. This will guarantee the camp continues year after year.

8. Regarding the learning of English we will speak with each child adapting to the standard of each. Speaking slowly and using gestures usually works with children who have a lower level. We will increase the standard of our English while speaking to a child that has a higher level. It is important that the children become confident and see that they can speak English.

9. Even though we realise working with children is very intense it will also give us a lot of satisfaction.

10. From the Management we will try by every means possible to make sure you the monitors feel well as if at home. You are, without a doubt, the most important part of the camp. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.


Thank you very much for working with us!!

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